Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Client of David Brener Charged With Murder Receives No Additional Jail Time For Naples Murder

Attorney David Brener was able to secure a plea agreement for a client charged with First Degree Murder, Attempted Murder, and Robbery which resulted in his client, Rodsheek Williams, doing no additional jail time than than the sentence he was already serving. Williams was serving a 20 year sentence for tampering with witnesses, conspiracy, and gang activity. His attorney, David Brener of Fort Myers,  negotiated a plea agreement with the state to reduce the main charge, Murder in the Furst Degree, which carried a sentence of death or mandatory life imprisonment, to Second Degree Murder.  David Brener also got the prosecutor to waive the 25 year minimum mandatory, and to permit Williams to receive all of his 7 plus years time served. As a result, Mr. Williams will finish his sentence on the Murder case before he completes the sentence on the tampering case, likely in less than 13 years.

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